Sunday, April 19, 2009

Art festival weekend

Clay Network exhibit at St. Augustine Spring Art and Crafts Festival

It was a beautiful weekend for the St. Augustine Art and Crafts Festival.
A cool breeze met with dry perfect sunny skies.
There was music drifting from the far end of the field.
Ice cream cones.
Colorful art under white tents.

Ten Clay Network members exhibited work under our new tent.
It was nice to be together and spend a little time with our clay friends.
Everyone had a great time demonstrating wheel throwing and hand building.
Crowds gathered to watch and ask questions.
How do you glaze it?
How long have you been working with clay?
The movie Ghost was mentioned a couple times.
The children were invited to touch, help inscribe a wavy line, and have a pinch of clay to shape and smush.

Marilyn was throwing Saturday afternoon when a photographer for The St. Augustine Record caught a shot for the front page of Sunday's paper.
Wow, 15 minutes of fame!

Lots of folks took home our new rack cards. Many were interested in taking classes at Wild Ginger, or Atlantic Pottery Supply, and in other learning opportunities. Some purchased our pottery.
Many will plan to attend the next sale we hold.

It was especially nice to see some friends we haven't seen in years. They promised to join us at our meeting Sunday.
We made new friends too. At our neighbor booth, John won the Best Pottery prize. His art is gorgeous.
He could not resist a turn at the wheel. Sunday afternoon he threw a wonderful extra large platter for Christie. (Ask her why it pays to be tall.)
A large group of admirers were thrilled to snap pictures and applaud his skill.

No matter how many times I see a potter throwing, I am still entranced.

It was a beautiful weekend for an art show.
It was beautiful to show the art lovers in St. Augustine the joys of clay.

A big thank you to Trish for donating her booth so we could do this.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Go see her at the Shrimp Fest the first weekend in May. Or anytime at her gallery-TRISH'S SLIGHTLY OFF CENTRE 218C ASH STREET