Thursday, December 6, 2012

November 2012 Blog

Holiday Show:The "Clay Network Christmas-Holiday Show" will be held Dec 8, 2012 from 10am-5pm located at the Sydney McKenna Gallery 5 Inlet Pl St. Augustine Fl

Directions: Specific directions are available at

Meeting was held at Marie’s home.
Library Displays: The Mandarin Library Display was a success. Thank you to Christie, Vina and Lisa P. Library displays for 2013 are in process of being finalized. The tentative list for 2013 is as follows:

 2013 – Volunteers for Coordinators are still needed at some venues:
February: Fleming Island-Mary M.
April: Regency – ? Marsha with help from Lisa W.
June: Beaches – Lisa W. – Lisa will confirm with the library.
August: Ponte Vedra – Sandy W.
October: Mandarin – Christie with help from Lisa P.
Empty Bowls: Clay Network will once again be participating in Empty Bowls. Thank you to those who donated a piece of pottery to this worthy cause.
T-Shirts: Lisa W. will once again be taking orders for Clay Network T-Shirts. The Network Logo will be the same as the previously ordered T-Shirts. The T-Shirts will be $20.00. There will be many colors available with one style “Traditional T-Shirt” available. The T-Shirt brand is Gilden. Lisa suggests looking for this brand in your closet to determine your size. A specific list of colors and instructions for ordering will be forthcoming.

Clay Network Christmas-Holiday Show

On display will be: Ceramic Sculptures, Ornamental and Functional Pottery as well as Clay Art

Visit the gallery and enjoy the grounds on the intracoastal waterway while you visit with the local artists!

Bring your friends and please send this reminder email to your contacts who are looking for great gifts for the holidays.

New Business:
New Membership Dues Policy:
The board announced a new dues policy for new members joining in the middle of the year. The policy is as follows: Any new member joining the organization, for the first time, will be given a discount if they join the organization July 1, or later. The discount will apply as follows: The discount will be ½ of the dues, single or couple when joining anytime July 1, or later. The only exception to this is when a person joins the organization at the November meeting and pays their dues for the following year at the time of the meeting. For these first time new members joining at the November meeting, the remainder of the current year will be gratis/free of charge, but will afford this individual full membership status for the remainder of the year. – Renew your dues now!

Election:  The following 2013 Slate of Officers was presented at the September 2012 meeting by the Nominating Committee, Belinda B. and Mary M.
President – Mary Ellen D.
Vice President – Marie M.
Treasurer – Julie C.
Secretary – Mary M.
Librarian – Sandy W.
The slate was unanimously elected by all members present.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:00pm and was followed by the following program and then our usual delicious potluck dinner and social time. Thank you Marie for your hospitality.
PROGRAM: Bamboo Brushes
Marie Mabry presented our program on how to make our own bamboo brushes. Following her demonstration, she also provided us with the opportunity to make our own brush!
What you will need:
1. Bamboo
2. Brush hair:  This is typically made with deer fur which you can find at fly fishing / fly tying outfitters. There is one such store located at 11702 Beach Blvd., Ste. 103, named Black Fly. This is located in the Strike Zone Plaza, 200 yards east of I-295 at the corner of Beechwood Dr. The fur generally sells for approximately $5.00 and will make several brushes. The fur from the “white tail” portion of the deer will make longer, finer brushes. Marie buys only the fur still attached to the hide/leather as this will make the process much easier.
3. Waxed dental floss
4. Water proof glue, such as Elmer’s Wood Glue
5. Embroidery Floss
6. Leather strip/string for the handle
1. Cut Bamboo to the desired brush length; make sure that each end is hollow.
2. Cut the fur to the desired length and width to fit in the bamboo hollow.
3. Roll fur; assuring that it will fit in the bamboo you have chosen.
4. Using the waxed floss, make a “hook shaped” loop where the end is left longer and free. Place this at the edge of the rolled fur. 
5. Wind the floss around the fur several times. Cut when finished leaving some extra. Put the end you have been winding through the loop and pull the free end of the loop that you left dangling. This will secure the floss.
6. Place a dab of glue in the bamboo hollow and place the tied fur in the hollow.
7. Use the embroidery floss to neatly wrap around the brush end of the bamboo using the aforementioned loop technique. Dab with a small amount of clear glue if desired. This floss will stop the bamboo from cracking, which is especially necessary when using green bamboo.
8. To make the handle, cut a small piece of leather to the desired length. Make a loop. Use a tiny piece of bamboo to push the leather ends into the bamboo hollow. Cut off the portion of the bamboo pusher that is still protruding from the brush. You may also put a tiny dab of glue in the bamboo hollow prior to inserting the leather loop, but this is generally not necessary.
Voila! One perfect brush, just the way you need it for your specific style of glazing and painting needs! 
Thank you Marie for sharing your expertise with us!