Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September Meeting Summary

Pat's pottery using slip transfer method

On Sunday, September 20th, 2009,Clay Network was happy to meet at Wild Ginger Studios in lovely Green Cove Springs.Thank you to AJ and Karen for welcoming us to their clean and very well equipped clay facilities.

Our Clay Network banner will be printed soon. We will add .com to our name on the banner.

Christie spoke about Clay Network doing the St Augustine Fall Festival as a group. It is a perfect opportunity for those just getting started, who aren't ready to do a solo show. It is also good for those who don't do shows anymore but like to do something occasionally. She encouraged everyone to participate, if not in this event, then to prepare to join in the next.We will be dividing the fees of $225 and we will pay a small (10%) commission to our Clay Network on our sales.Clay Network will provide the tent, shelves, and we have the “tax number” to handle sales properly.We will have our booth at the end of a row this time. That will give us plenty of room for our demonstrations and for the crowds that love to watch us make the clay dance.

Clay Network is happy to participate in the 25th Annual Empty Bowls Luncheon benefiting the Second Harvest Food Bank of North Florida on Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2009, from noon – 1 p.m., at the Prime Osborn Convention Center. We will have our own table, with our Clay Network banner displayed. Our bowls will be sold to raise funds to support the food bank. We will also have a wheel to demonstrate throwing. All members are encouraged to donate for this worthy cause. Last year more than 1,200 people attended and the event raised over $75,000 for the Food Bank. We hope folks see the Clay Network name and get used to associating our group with fine clay works. There will also be a silent auction held, if you would like, you may donate a piece for that too.Pat and Marilyn are coordinating our participation in this event. Details and contact information has been emailed to members and friends.

Margaret will be collecting seaweed, as there is a good deal washing up at the beach behind her home now. Many members expressed interest in planning a sagger or pit firing workshop using seaweed, salt, copper, steel wool, cotton and various other ingredients to fire burnished low fired pots.

Marcia has made a “photo cube” from foam board. She will provide the opportunity for us to use her set up. We can all have nice pictures for our gallery pages on the up coming Clay Network web site.

The Clay Network will participate in the 2009 Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens First Anniversary Celebration. The event will be held Saturday November 14th from 10am-4pm. We will be selling our garden art and pottery. Set up will begin at 8:30am and we will begin packing up at 4pm. You can visit for more information about the park. The celebration is covered under “things to do”. To participate in the sale, with the Clay Network, please contact Marcia.

Jane invited members to join her at the Unity Church on Race Track Rd. for a crafts sale Saturday, October 24th, from 10am-4pm. An outdoor space of 12 x 12 is $25, an indoor space of 10 x 10 is $35. 15% commission on sales will be donated to the church. Please contact Jane if you would like to participate with her.

The Women's center of Jacksonville, and the St. Augustine Art Association also have a few upcoming events that they want us to know about. (Those items, and information about a workshop, have been posted under “opportunities in our area”. Please check the right side bar.)

Our next meeting will be held at 2pm on Sunday, November 15th at Marcia's home in the Arlington area of Jacksonville.


AJ and Pat demonstrated a creative slip application method.

AJ began by brushing colored slip on newspaper, then carefully laying the paper, slip side down, on a prepared slab. She rubbed with her hand, and rolled the back of the paper with a “pony roller”. Then, carefully peeling back the newspaper, an irregular layer of colored slip was left on the clay. We learned that the slip she uses is colored with 20, 30, or up to 40% Mason Stains. She advised us to use another piece of newspaper to “blot” between applications. Next She added texture with a piece of netting. Then AJ trailed slip on a newspaper and waved it to dry “just until the shine goes off it”. She applied this to the slab as before. The layers of color and texture were built up a step at a time.

Pat showed us how to use a paintbrush handle to “write”on the backside of the slip coated paper. She uses stencils too. She noted that the stencils should be rolled into the clay well, so that the clay is pushing up through the openings. If slip is then applied with the paper, you get a “light effect” if you brush colored slip directly on the clay, you can get a darker, or more pronounced effect.

The “flinging” technique can be used to stretch the slab. The applied patterns will stretch too. Texture can be added with stamps, texture “sheets”, rollers, and stencils from craft stores, and with all types of “found” items. As she demonstrated, Pat's slab became rich in colors, textures and designs. So many possibilities!

What a wonderful demonstration! We all came away with great ideas to incorporate in our art.

Thank you AJ and Pat. You explained every step very well, and the beautiful pieces on display were quite inspirational.

A bountiful potluck meal was enjoyed by all as we chatted with our new members and friends.

If you have questions about any of the events, and do not know where to call, Lisa will be happy to put you in touch. (

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Next Meeting September 20th

Tim Bullard at the Riverside Arts Market

The St. Augustine Art Association seeks "Touchable Art"

The St. Augustine Art Association invites artists to submit "touchable" works of art into the 8th Annual Tactile Art Show, held Oct. 4 through 28. Artwork will be received on Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, from noon to 7p.m. in the Main Gallery at 22 Marine Street. Entry fee is $15 per piece for StAAA members and $35 per piece for non-members. Artists may enter up to three works in any medium or subject matter.

The exhibit is part of the International Art Beyond Sight Awareness Month celebrated at such venues at the Louvre in Paris and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Students from the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind will prepare Braille labels for each entry.

Monetary prize awards, including the "Nancy Crisp-Ellert Memorial for Best Fiber Art," will be presented at the Opening Reception on Sunday, Oct. 4th from 2 to 5 p.m. A preview of the show will be open to the public during the First Friday Art Walk, Oct. 2. For information, call the St. Augustine Art Association at (940) 824-2310.

CONTACT: Elyse Brady
St. Augustine Art Association
22 Marine Street
St. Augustine, FL 32084
(904) 824-2310

We are preparing for the next Clay Network meeting.

Please join us at Wild Ginger Studios in Green Cove Springs, on Sunday the 20th of September. We will begin our business meeting at 2pm.

Hot topics we will discuss include the Fall St. Augustine Art and Craft Festival. Clay Network will be there, November 28th and 29th, selling and demonstrating.
Margaret is already at work organizing for this show. Please contact her by September 20th to be included in the sale.
(Contact Lisa at if you don't have Margaret's phone number or email address.)
Empty Bowls, the Riverside Arts Market, and some new opportunities will also be on the meeting's agenda.
Your participation and ideas are important to keep the Clay Network strong and growing.

After the business, we will enjoy a program "Techniques with Colored Slip".
AJ and Pat will demonstrate various techniques using colored slips. One of these is a transfer method with newspaper. An extension of this uses stamps and texture materials.
Come and learn something new that can be used to decorate and embellish your hand built or wheel thrown creations.

We will then enjoy a potluck meal and socializing with our clay friends.

I hope you can come we would all love to see YOU.

Clay Network has a clay art exhibit now on display at the Mandarin Regional Library. Please take a look if you are in the area. It will be there for the month of September.

A Note From Marcia

As most of you already know, former CN President Jonell Thatcher passed away July 29. Never one to accept defeat in any manner, Jonell’s long term battle with cancer never conquered her spirit, her laughter or determination. A simple look at the whimsical pottery she created tells her story and will continue to do so for all those fortunate enough to remember the person and the artist. She will be deeply missed.

Work progresses on the website. All that remains to complete the project are digital images from our membership. A number of members gathered for a photography session a short while back so we are well on our way to reaching that goal. As a reminder, the member’s on-line gallery will provide an outlet for each member to display their work, provide a contact link (if you desire), artist statement, or link your images to a personal website. This online gallery is open to all members from students to professionals and hobbyists to full time potters. Please contact me if you need additional information, have questions or need guidance photographing your work.

The Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens will host a First Anniversary Event on Saturday, November 14th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the arboretum. Last year's Grand Opening event was attended by approximately 600 people and attendance is expected to be greater this year. The event will feature great food, live music; guided nature walks with local biologists and naturalists, kids' activities, plant vendors, storytellers and craft booths. This event is free to the public. The coordinator of the craft event is looking for artist vendors who work within the “garden” nature theme. Each booth space costs $50, and each vendor is responsible for their own set-up. ClayNetwork will need to limit the number of members to no more than six and the vendor booth fee will be divided by the number of artists involved. Again, the tent, tables and shelves will be made available at no cost. So, if your work includes garden oriented work, consider taking part in this one day event….Christmas is around the corner! Contact me immediately if you have an interest.

Until the next time…