Tuesday, June 15, 2010


WOW!  What and eventful meeting!

Our Library display schedule is finalized through April 2011.  Member’s works are displayed at local libraries to increase awareness of the art of pottery.  Although no selling is allowed, artist information is displayed along with the art.  Displays typically remain in place for four weeks and then are moved to the next venue.  If you would like your art displayed at one of the libraries, contact our secretary at ClayNetwork.com@gmail.com.

The meeting schedule for the rest of the year is as follows:
-         The July meeting will be at Marcia’s.  She will demonstrate how to prepare items for Raku firing.
-         A horse hair firing is in the works for our September meeting at Karen's.
-         Our November meeting will be at the Wild Ginger Studios in Green Cove Springs with Christie sharing what she learned at a recently attended workshop.

We discussed the many sales opportunities coming up including the Fall St Augustine Art Festival, ARTrageous, and the Bark ’n Art festival.  Details for these events can be found in the column to the right labeled “Opportunities”. 

Marcia announced the board will be developing the protocol for giving scholarships to members to help them attend workshop, seminars, or national meetings.  The recipient would be required to host a program sharing what they learned with the other members.


After the formal meeting, Vina shared personal totem poles that she and some of her students created.  These totems were opportunities to build garden sculptures with very personal themes.  One was a memorial for a lost child; the others were combinations of individual pieces with special meaning to the artist.
-          Some segments were built using the tar paper support system
-          Some used the extruder
-          Some used drape molds of foam that had been carved.
-          Extruded pieces were used as spacers
-          The totems were assembled using a metal bar for reinforcement

The Clay Network of Northeast Florida is an organization where clay artists have the opportunity to improve their knowledge, to foster interest in sincere, creative craftsmanship and to educate the public in the appreciation of ceramics in our community.  If you have an interest in ceramics and pottery, please join us at our next meeting.

Clay Network sponsors different selling events throughout the year.  We have a tent and shelves. We split the entry fees, take care of applications, and we help each other. This is an easy way to get involved in art festivals.  Selling opportunities are only a small part of the advantages of membership in Clay Network.  As a member, you are also have the opportunity to borrow the tent for your own event for a small fee.  If you would like more information please contact our secretary, Mary Ellen at ClayNetwork.com@gmail.com.

Join us for fun and informative meetings.  Be sure to bring your favorite food item to share during our traditional pot luck that follows each program.