Monday, August 3, 2009

July Meeting Summary

Photography workshop

The Clay Network's July meeting was held on Sunday the 19th.

If you could not be there... here's what you missed.

The Clay Network library exhibits for May, and July, have been well received.Those members who have not yet participated can join the next exhibit at the Mandarin Branch Library for September. Please contact Christie.

Our members will donate to the Empty Bowls fund raiser to be held November 17th at the Prime Osborn Center. Marilyn and Pat will co-chair this endeavor. This will be the 25th anniversary of the empty Bowls event. We may want to try to reference this milestone in the design of our donated bowls. We will also demonstrate during the fund raiser. Everyone likes to see us working with the clay, almost as much as we enjoy doing it!

We will have a booth at the St. Augustine Fall Art and Craft festival, November 28th, and 29th.We will be selling as well as demonstrating. The cost of the booth, and the duties, will be divided by the members who wish to participate. Please contact Margaret by September 15th if you want to be a part of the fun. Clay Network has purchased large, sturdy, display shelves, as well as the tent.

Whether you have lots to sell, or just a few pots, this is a great way to get your work out there without a large individual investment.

What a great benefit for our members!

Our web site design is coming along. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the members gallery. Up to 12 photos will be displayed per person, as well as links to your own web sites and any other contact information you may wish to include.

Our next meeting will be held Sunday, September 20th. The business meeting was followed by a very special program.


How To Photograph Your Work- presented by guest artist Vina Schemer.

Some important tips from Vina:

Everyone should get to know their camera by reading the owner's manual.

She taught us how to use a fabric or paper backdrop, and how to make a simple hanger for the backdrop.

Vina recommends a resolution of at least 300 dpi for your pictures.

Using natural light outdoors is fine, but direct sun is not. Look for a shaded spot.

Tripods can be used to hold lights. The lights with the clamp work well.

A “spatter screen" can soften the light.

A poster board or foil can be used as a reflector to "bounce light”.

Vina advised us to view our pictures on the computer before dismantling the set.

Sometimes a vertical shot is preferable for publications.

Photoshop or other software can be used to lighten or darken your images. can make slides for you if you need them.

With Vina's help, members were able to take some beautiful photos of their pottery.

It was a wonderful, educational presentation. Thank you Vina!

Refreshments were enjoyed as we finished the gathering.

Thank you Karen, for inviting us to your home.