Friday, February 27, 2009

“The level of our success is limited only by our imagination.”
--- Aesop

This New Clay Network Blog

Flowering Dogwood

Some of us are very new to this...

For the very inexperienced,
as you explore this new blog space...
Be sure to --
click the "view my complete profile",
you will see a link to the old Malleable Times site
when you click "My Web Page".
It is still working and will continue to be there
with all it's cool links too.

Vote in the poll (actually I'm asking a question-
"Would you like to attend our next meeting?") ,
Choose an answer from the list by checking a box
then click vote.

Scroll all the way down,
Try the "My blog list" links.

Read comments, and please post your own comment.

Post a comment, click comments
(at the bottom of a post in the white bar)-
Type in the white box- then
Comment as ...says- select a profile-
click there- you can choose Name/URL from the list.
Then you can just put your Name...first or full as you wish.
You don't have to enter your URL.
Preview lets you proof read...
Then- Post Comment. EASY
The message comes to me first, I read and post it to the Blog.

Anything that shows the pointer finger when you
mouse over it, will do something when you click it.

Send me anything you would like to add


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clay Network Renewal

Friends, and members,

Clay Network, now under our new president, Marcia Scheeter, is ready for renewal.

After a few years of somewhat lower attendance,
we are ready and eager to re energize the group.
Many exciting events are being planned.
Sales, and show opportunities are being finalized.
Improved communication devices are in the works.
Details will be announced very soon.
All ideas are welcome.

We want to encourage all our members be very creative now.
Your best art will soon have a chance to shine with the help of the Clay Network.

This new blog space is being built to modernize our communications amongst the members,
and to reach out to all interested clay lovers.

If you have news of interest to Clay Network, Please let me know.
I will try to include it when I write the next update.

Please be patient with me as I learn to use this blog site.

Clay Network Secretary,
---Lisa Woodruff