Friday, June 24, 2016

July Meeting

  We will be having our bi-monthly meeting SUNDAY, 10 July, at Wild Ginger Studios. 
We will start at 2pm.

 There will be a glaze spraying demonstration by Gary Mease that will kick off the meeting. There will be three types of cone 5-6 ash glazes from which to choose. 

If you would like to try out the technique please bring a bisqued piece with either YOUR base glaze applied or have the bottom waxed and ready to go for dipping in the studio satin white.

Examples of the ash glazes that will be used for the demo are present on the Wild Ginger Pottery Studio website. 

After the demo, we will conduct the general meeting which will be followed by the fantastic pot luck. Please consider bringing a dish to share.

Library display items will be ready for hand-off. If you would like to have some of your pots displayed, please bring them to the meeting.

PLEASE, Bring a clean gallon jug, or a gallon jug with water, if you want to make yourself some "Magic Water". We will provide the ingredients for that.

 Reminder: We have an actual library that is available at meetings for members to "check out" materials. 

We look forward to seeing everyone.

 Please check our Clay Network Facebook Page for the most up to date information.
You may contact our corresponding secretary at if you have additional questions.